Cooling Tower Maintenance 101

If you have recently purchased a new manufacturing facility, this is the time for you to start assessing all of the building components to ensure that everything is functioning as it should. That way, you can invest in repairs and maintenance before you move into the building and avoid downtime due to failures. One of the most important components to inspect is your building's cooling tower. Here are some of the most common problems to watch for and what you can do about them.

Chemical Damage And Corrosion

The nature of a cooling system means that the internal components are exposed to potentially corrosive materials and moisture at all times. That's why many of the internal components are crafted from galvanized steel. This type of steel is more resistant to damage from corrosion and chemicals in the system, but it isn't impervious.

Over time, damage to the galvanized coating can leave the components vulnerable to damage. Left unaddressed, that damage can lead to corrosion and complete failure of the cooling tower. 

If caught early, you can have the components repaired with ease. The surface corrosion can be removed, then the metal can be replated to add a fresh layer of protection. If it's been neglected for too long and the damage cannot be removed, you may need to have the unit replaced.

Poor System Maintenance

If the previous owners of the facility were lax about maintaining the cooling tower system, there may be lubrication issues in the motor, pulley wear, and more. If you're hearing grinding or whining noises from the cooling tower, you need to address this right away.

You can have the shafts, pulleys, and bearings replaced easily to repair this problem. If you do need to invest in such repairs, consider asking for self-lubricating bearing systems so that you don't have to worry about forgetting to lubricate the bearing system.

Pipe Damage

Your cooling tower is connected to a series of pipes that feed the system in the building. Over time, these pipes can suffer the same damage and corrosion as the internal components of the tower, and the joints on the pipes can serve as another vulnerable area for damage and leaks.

Damage to the pipe infrastructure can hinder your system's efficiency and operation. You'll want to address this damage immediately to preserve the pressure and efficiency in the cooling tower system. You can have some pipes recoated, or may need to have joints replaced and resealed to restore it.

Look for cooling tower products if you think something needs to be replaced on yours.