Signs That Your Hydraulic Cylinders Need To Be Rebuilt

Hydraulic cylinders are useful for many different tasks and on many different kinds of machines. Over time, hydraulic cylinders will wear and need some maintenance to keep working at peak performance. There are some things to watch for that indicate it is time to rebuild the cylinders on your equipment soon.

Seeping Cylinders

One of the most common problems that arise with hydraulic cylinders is seeping around the seals where the rod runs into the body of the cylinder. The seal is made of rubber and is durable, but over time, the rubber can dry out and crack, allowing oil to seep out onto the cylinder or area around it slowly. 

The piston rod that passes through the seal can start to pit if it is exposed to the weather, and small rust spots can form in those pits. When that happens, the pitted area can catch the seal as it passes through it and rip or damage the seal, causing it to leak. A hydraulic cylinder rebuild is the best way to replace the seals, polish the piston shaft, and stop the oil from seeping out of the cylinder.

Reduced Performance

You may notice that the hydraulic cylinders on your machine are not working as well as they used to. The piston inside the hydraulic cylinder needs to seal against the inside of the cylinder body for the cylinder to maintain the pressure it needs for maximum strength. If the seals are worn or damaged, a hydraulic cylinder rebuild is the only way to get to the seals.

The hydraulic cylinder will need to be disassembled and have the seals replaced on the piston. When the cylinder is taken apart, the rebuilder will inspect the inside of the cylinder and ensure there is no damage that is going to be a problem when the cylinder is reassembled. Sometimes the damage is minor but can be an issue, but the rebuilder will let you know if they can not rebuild the cylinder.

Cylinder Damage 

If you have a cylinder that has a significant dent in the side of the case and the equipment the hydraulic cylinder is mounted on is not functioning right, the dent in the cylinder body could be restricting the movement of the posting inside the cylinder. 

A hydraulic cylinder rebuild may allow the technician to remove the dent, but not all dents can be removed from the steel case. If the dent is removed, the cylinder may no longer be round inside, and the piston can lose pressure as the oil in the cylinder moves past the position seals.