Selecting A New Truck Body For Your Service Truck

If you have a truck that is set up to carry tools and equipment to your job site but has seen better days, a new truck body might be just the thing to breathe some new life into the truck.

Lightweight Bodies

Choosing a lighter body than the one currently on the truck will allow you to carry more things in it. A custom aluminum truck body can save some weight and allow you to add more of the things you need to make the truck more versatile for you.

A custom aluminum truck body can also allow you to mount a service body on a lighter-duty truck without damaging the suspension system. The springs may need to have a helper spring added, but the body's weight can be altered by removing things from the body as it is being constructed to accommodate the lighter suspension.   

Custom Layout

When you are considering a new truck body, a custom aluminum truck body may offer you more choices than buying one ready-made. If the design is truly custom, you may be able to make changes to the body's layout to make it work better for your needs.

Talk with the builder about the truck body, and ask whether you can alter the design before you commit to buying a custom aluminum truck body for your next truck. Moving some shelves around or changing the size of compartments on the truck body can make the design work better for you. 

If you need to fit something like a generator or welder into a compartment, having it made to fit the unit will allow you to put the unit inside and lock it up when you are away from the truck. Knowing that a particular cabinet is going to house a welder or generator also allows the builder to add ventilation to the compartment to allow for better airflow around the machine when you are using it.

Paint and Coatings

When the custom aluminum truck body is completed, you may want to paint the body to match the truck. The paint will help seal the body and protect it from road debris and the elements, extending the life of the truck body. 

Powder coating is another option you may want to consider. The powder coating process works well on aluminum and is extremely durable. The finish will last a long time, even with heavy use on the job site.