Key Reasons To Use Industrial Washers In Your Construction Projects

When you are tasked with building structures that will last for years, it is critical that you use the best components in your work. Along with using nails and screws, you also need to use parts like industrial washers to hold together structures that you build. As you contemplate whether or not these washers are really necessary, you can be convinced by learning more about them. These are some reasons for using flat washers in your construction projects.

Distributing Weights and Loads

One of the main reasons to use industrial washers in your work involves helping parts of the structures that you build balance the weight that is put on them. When you drive a nail or screw into a piece of wood, for example, you may cause the wood to splinter or split. The screw or nail may not be able to balance the weight placed on it, thereby causing the material the nail is in to splinter.

However, when you attach flat washers onto the backs of screws or fasteners, you help these parts balance their weight. The washers distribute the weight load better and help the materials to which they are attached resist damages and last longer.


Another reason that flat washers are used is for spacing on a project. They can space out the components, such as fasteners and bolts, that are used when building a structure. They prevent you from driving in nails or screws too close or too far apart from each other.

Rather than use nails or screws indiscriminately, you can space them out evenly by attaching industrial washers to them. The width of the washers prevent you from placing fasteners and other components too closely together and compel you to measure out places in which to drive them.

Absorbing Vibration

Finally, industrial washers can absorb vibrations that can cause materials like wood to shatter and splinter. When the structure that you build is placed on a floor or wall that vibrates from foot traffic, noise, or other factors, you need to prevent it from becoming damaged. You can absorb the vibration in the structure by attaching flat washers to the backs of fasteners and screws. 

These reasons explain why industrial washers are critical components to use in a construction project. They help with load distribution in materials that might get damaged. They also serve as spacers and vibration absorbers.

For more information about industrial washers, contact an industrial parts provider.