Storage And Classification Solutions For Film And Flexible Materials

Media recordings that are on film and stored within your commercial business require proper handling and a classification system. Because there may be occasions in which film needs to be reviewed or sent to an outside source, you need an adequate way to transport the materials. Order a series of film cores and labels to organize film and flexible products.

Plastic Or Cardboard Cores

Split-reel films and flexible industrial materials that are long in length, such as plastic or foil,  can be wound around a film core. Cores are constructed of plastic or cardboard and both materials are designed to be crushproof. The edges of a core may be beveled, which will aid in keeping the film or another flexible material contained around a core's exterior.

Order custom products that will be an adequate size for the products that are recorded or manufactured within your facility. If you would like to use cores for more than one material type, measure the widths of the materials and estimate how long each one is.

For a material that is consistently being manufactured, you can break down the material into groups that are a specific length and order a series of cores that are each going to be used for storage purposes. Film, which has been pre-recorded, will have a definitive length. Take note of each measurement and order a separate core for each recording. 

Plugs, Covers, And Labels

Plugs can be purchased, which will fill in the central holes in a core. Plugs will aid in stabilizing products that are being transported or stacked. Flanged, non-flanged, and specialty core plugs are manufactured and can be purchased through the same business that you order the cores from.

Covers are another essential component, which will keep film or flexible materials dry. If many people will be handling products, fingerprints and dust will not compromise the quality of the products that are wound around the cores, as long as the covers remain intact. When ordering the materials needed for storage, consider the classification system that you would like to use.

Order custom labels, which include the name of each material that is being stored, the date that a particular recording was made or a material was manufactured, and the dimensions of each material. When you receive the cores, use an automatic spooling machine to wind the materials onto the cores. Secure a cover over each core and affix the labels to the materials.

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