The Benefits Of Going With An Above-Ground LPG Storage Tank

When it comes to storing liquid petroleum gas (LPG), you have multiple options available to you. The first decision you might have to make though will be whether to go with an above-ground LPG storage tank or an LPG storage tank that is kept below-ground. While there are some benefits to an underground tank like keeping it out of the way of heavy equipment or nearby traffic, there are also plenty of good reasons to consider above-ground storage. Here's why you should contact a local LPG storage tank manufacturer about installing one or more above-ground tanks on your property today.

Above-Ground Tanks Are Easier to Relocate When Needed

If you do not intend to keep your LPG storage tanks in the same exact location for the rest of time, an above-ground tank may be a better choice. This is because if you should one day need to reorganize the layout of your work or storage site, it will take a lot more work to move a tank that is underground than to move one that is already above ground. 

Moving an underground tank may require you to go through additional red tape from government authorities and you may need to hire additional professional help to ensure no damage is done that might cause a leak or another environmental disaster. You'll still need to be careful when moving an above-ground tank, of course, but it likely won't be as much of a headache.

Above-Ground Tanks Are Easier to Fix or Perform Maintenance On

When you have LPG stored on-site, you of course need to check up on it from time to time to make sure that all is as it should be. When you have an underground tank, it can be more difficult to conduct an inspection and may require special equipment like a camera that can get down into the ground and look at the tank from all sides. With an above-ground tank, you will notice a leak immediately and know exactly where to go to fix the problem. Routine maintenance will also be easier and less costly.

Fewer Regulations to Deal With

When you put an LPG tank into the ground, you will have to make sure you stay in compliance with all government standards. Most regulations are designed around ensuring that a leak from an underground tank will not contaminate the soil for miles around or leak into a nearby water source. Leaks are still something you should watch for with an above-ground tank, but it's much easier to clean up, less dangerous for the environment, and therefore not as closely regulated, which will make life easier for your company.