Industrial Steam Generator: Can It Fit In Your Limited Space?

If you need to move your operations to a temporary location that's too small to bring your industrial boiler, you may search for a replacement for your boiler. But if you can't find a substitute for your boiler, you may decide to postpone most of your operations until you can use your boiler again. Rather than postpone your operations, use an industrial steam generator instead. Learn more about industrial steam generators and how to obtain a generator below.  

What Are Industrial Steam Generators?

Industrial steam generators are types of boiler systems that work similarly to traditional steam- or fire-powered boilers. But unlike traditional boilers, which are large in size, steam generators are small or compact. Steam generators also use rely on one water tube to convert water into steam. Traditional boilers contain multiple water tubes inside them.  

Steam generators often function as auxiliary boilers. Auxiliary boilers supply steam on command. As water passes through the equipment's tube, it quickly heats up and converts into steam. You can normally use the steam immediately after a steam generator creates it.

Steam generators are also small or compact enough to fit into tight spaces. If your temporary location lacks the space to house a large boiler, a steam generator will make a great replacement for it.

If you need to order a steam generator before you move to your temporary worksite, call an industrial equipment and supply company today. 

Where Do You Find a Steam Generator?

An industrial equipment and supply company will do several things after you contact them, including requesting the location of your temporary worksite and the types of services or products you offer. The information ensures you receive a generator to your temporary site on time.

If you need to move in phases, you may want to order and deliver a generator to your temporary site ahead of time. However, you must secure a storage site for your generator before it arrives. 

A company may also ask about the feedwater you plan to use for your steam generator. As with traditional boilers, steam generators require clean water to operate without delays or problems. If your feedwater contains minerals and microorganisms, inform a company immediately. A company may be able to clean your feedwater or provide you with the means to clean your feedwater before you use it in your generator.

Learn more about steam generators and how to obtain your equipment by calling an industrial equipment and supply company today.